Why Install Surge Protection in Preparation for the coming Summer Storms

Why Install Surge Protection in Preparation for the coming Summer Storms

A power surge is one of the major culprits behind electrical damages at home. This is one of the reasons why your appliances and electrical devices may stop working. So, it is very important to install surge protectors to prevent any unexpected damage to plugged-in devices.

Why Install Surge Protection in Preparation for the coming Summer Storms
What is a power surge?

A power surge happens if the voltage of the electric current that moves through the line is much high. In Australia, the standard electrical wiring is set to 240 volts. So, if the voltage in the electricity flow is higher, it may result in a power surge, affecting and damaging your electronics.

Why is there a need to install surge protection?

A surge protector is designed to protect your electrical devices against power surges. This is done by admitting a safe voltage amount to used appliances. This immediately kicks into gear if the voltage is higher than 243 volts.

How important is a surge protector to homes?

Though one surge cannot totally destroy an appliance, it can only cause rub off and tear, and seriously destroy your equipment, this is mainly the reason why surge protectors can save you money in the end.

However not all surge protectors are the same, some are purposely made for the whole home, while others are just for particular items. But for the best surge protection, it is highly recommended to choose a full-house protector and have it installed at the main switchboard by a licensed electrical contractor.

Other advantages of installing surge protection at home:

When you have installed surge protectors in the entirety of your home, this can be a key selling point that separates your home from another. Buyers would be comfortable investing their money in your home.

By simply installing a surge protector, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and help you save a lot of money. Remember, without surge protection, electronic devices are vulnerably prompting you to spend more when damaged.

Surge Protectors save your appliances from getting destroyed, but despite that, do not be complacent with your electrical safety. If the weather is really bad, such as a summer storm, it is best to unplug your appliances at home before a bolt of major lightning hit close to your home. Nevertheless, with a power surge protection installed at your home, you have lesser worries about these concerns.

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