Who’s the right electrician in Queensland for me

Who’s the right electrician in Queensland for me?

Who’s the right electrician in Queensland for me?

Do you know that there are different types of electricians in Queensland, depending on their specialisation?

Yes! Not all electricians are licensed and authorised to do the same thing. They need to have passed several requirements before they can be qualified to perform a specific electrical services

Who’s the right electrician in Queensland for me

So, here’s a short guide to the various types of electricians you may encounter in Queensland.

Residential electricians

Residential electricians are the local electricians you commonly call when there is electrical work at home. They specialize in electrical works that involve:

  • Installing house wiring systems
  • Repairing home appliances
  • Replacing electrical parts

You can count on a residential electrician for every electrical work inside your household. They also often operate in your neighbourhood and are some are available 24/7 for any electrical emergency you may have.

Commercial Electricians

For jobs concerning business establishments, your go-to electrician will not necessarily be a residential type; rather you need to look for a commercial electrician. These electricians are better trained in the installation, assessment and repair of larger establishments’ electrical system. A residential electrician won’t be able to easily help you with such, much more are they licensed to touch these types of work, because the electrical hazards will be different. So don’t easily hire an electrician, ensure you are choosing the right type for the unique requirement you need.

Industrial Electricians

Factories and other manufacturing establishments also have different requirements from a commercial establishment. Their electrical system often involves large machinery and more complicated wirings and connections. Therefore, commercial electricians may not be very familiar with industrial electrical works.

Industrial electricians are trained and experienced in handling electrical works for manufacturing plants. They are knowledgeable in the industrial electrical system as well as repairing electrical machinery. If the electrical work falls under industrial and manufacturing, you should choose an industrial electrician.

Emergency Electricians

Electrical emergencies include the following:

  • Grounded wirings
  • Power Outage
  • Broken power lines

These accidents need an immediate and proper response. Although residential electricians can handle home electrical emergencies and the same goes for the rest, knowing an emergency electrician’s number is most helpful.

Electrical emergencies can happen anytime and the worst-case scenario is to experience it in the middle of the night. So saving the number of an emergency electrician on your phone book is a must. 


Electrical works aren’t the same from one property to another. The requirements and problems that need to be solved vary based on the environment. Hiring the right electrician to work for a specific electrical problem is important. It ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of the result which entail the safety of the property.

Here at Surespark, we are licensed and authorised to perform residential and commercial repairs and maintenance. We highly specialise in HVAC installation but are also readily available for any emergency electrical repair you may have. So save our number – 0412 431 101.