Is UV light the best cleaning solution to your AC coils

Is UV light the best cleaning solution to your AC coils?

Is UV light the best cleaning solution to your AC coils?

UV light and is known for having numerous health benefits to mankind. One of which is cleaning your air conditioning unit.

Why is it the better option?

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Is UV light the best cleaning solution to your AC coils

Ultraviolet light has been considered for germicidal properties during the past centuries. No wonder why UV light is also widely used for medical and therapeutic procedures nowadays.

Now it is used to clean even your air conditioning unit. And this is one of the effective ways to ensure the air you breath is free from contaminants. 

UV Light for Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

If you are quite familiar with air conditioner maintenance, you most probably encountered what people called dirt or sludge in an AC unit. This mud-like thing that seemed to grow on different parts of an air conditioner like the coils, drain pan and filters are actually biofilm that protects the breeding bacteria in your home appliance.

This might be news to you, but UV light can actually get rid of the dirt for good. Unlike the manual cleaning that somehow leaves strains of biofilm deeper into the coils, UV light gets the job done well. Some of the reasons why UV light is the best cleaning solution for your air conditioner are detailed below:

UV light kills most bacteria and viruses that thrive in your AC

The sludge that can be found in your air conditioning unit possesses several threats in the occupants’ health upon prolonged exposure. You may not know it, but improper cleaning of your air conditioning unit can make your family vulnerable to certain diseases like allergies and other respiratory infections. 

As mentioned above, the usual way of cleaning your air conditioner, more often than not, pushes the dirt further inside the coils and other parts, making it deep-seated and harder to get rid of. Despite cleaning the air conditioner this way, those remaining biofilms still breeds bacteria that cause diseases.

Studies show that poor maintenance of air conditioning units results in the occupants developing constant headaches, allergies and watery eyes due to bacteria being transmitted in the air of the room through the diffusion from the air conditioner. 

However, UV light can actually remove this sludge and prevent it from coming back. UV light also gets rid of most bacteria and viruses that thrive on air conditioning units. The germicidal properties present in UV light is enough to keep the sludge as well as the bacteria away from your air conditioner if used continuously, keeping your family safe all the time.

It improves AC performance

Cleaning your air conditioning unit using UV light guarantees its good performance and makes the unit last longer. As discussed above, UV light has the capacity to deeply clean your air conditioner and prevents the formation of biofilm. Maintaining a properly cleaned air conditioning unit allows it to function well for a long time.

Not all AC technicians use UV light to clean air conditioning units. But here at Sure Spark, we only use the best mechanism to ensure your home and office and clean and safe. Schedule an appointment with us, today.