Things to Look for in a Test and Tag Service Provider

Things to Look for in a Test and Tag Service Provider

Things to Look for in a Test and Tag Service Provider

In compliance with the Electrical Safety regulations and Australian WHS, all places of work must conduct a test and tag on all their appliances. Test and Tag is a precautionary inspection of electrical appliances by a qualified technician.

Things to Look for in a Test and Tag Service Provider

Faulty wirings and other damages in workplace appliances can cause several damages ranging from getting an electrical shock to fire incident. For this reason, having all the appliances be tested for possible damages or for safety use is vital to every business owner to protect their workforce and premises.

However, with so many out there who offers test and tag service, it can be a challenge to get the one that can give you the output you wanted. As already mentioned, test and tag is an important safety measure for electric hazard indoor, so finding a reliable technician is equally important. If you are reading this article to gain suggestions, then we will be glad to help.

So what do you need to look for in a test and tag service provider?


This must go without saying but here we are on the very first thing to consider in a test and tag service provider and that is experience. You may ask the technician how long he has been doing this test and tag or you may want to check their website because more often than not, their years in service can already be found there.

Of course, you will want the technician who will do the testing of your appliances to be well-versed on his job and it can be argued that since there are training and assessment to pass before a technician becomes qualified to conduct test and tag, it is still more reliable to consult someone with proven experience. 

The output they can offer

This one is really up to you as output preference varies from person to person. Although just to give you a hint on what to expect on the output, there is two possible ways you can have the result of the testing.

First, the result can be a log written by the technician himself indicating whether each appliance presented on the day of the testing passed or failed based on the assessment. Most commonly, this service also has the tagging handwritten. This is the basic test and tag service and though most of the outputs are handwritten only, it is still acceptable.

The other option is the electronic results wherein the full details of the assessment of all appliances presented to the technician on the day of the testing will be available and printed or is sent via email to the customer days after the test. Most of the time, this kind of service provides an electronic tag on each appliance as well. 

Looking at the materials used in tagging is also important. Some tags aren’t suitable for conditions like heat, moist and long-standing. Remember that tags are proof of safety so it shall always be readable for every appliance.

How do they charge for the service

It is also important to know how your test and tag service provider charges for their service. It can be hourly or per full service. It will be good to assess which offer will be more convenient for you, especially in the long run.

To sum it all, the things you should look for in a test and tag service provider is his proven knowledge, the way you like the result to be presented and whether the way they charge for their service is convenient for you. 

What is also easier is getting the test and tag done by an experienced electrician so if there is any repairs needed they can do it on the spot. This can cut down time and costing.

There you have it! We hope that these tips help you with finding a reliable and suitable technician for your test and tag compliance