Top 4 Practical Ways to Save Money on Your Electrical Bill this Winter

Top 4 Practical Ways to Save Money

on Your Electrical Bill this Winter

Winter is a wonderful time to spend with your loved one and friends. However, according to a published article of Compare the Market, your electric bill is expected to increase by $117.70 to $298.26 during winter.

So, how can you enjoy this lovely season without blasting your energy consumption and breaking your wallet?

Here’s how.

Top 4 Practical Ways to Save Money

on Your Electrical Bill this Winter

Seal rooms that are unused

Sealing rooms that are rarely used will help keep the heat in the most used places at your home. You should also keep the doors, windows, and even the heating vent tightly closed so the cold air won’t sneak in.

Fix ill-fitting doors and windows

Repairing your ill-fitting doors and windows can help better keep the hot air inside your home. Ill-fitted doors and windows have holes where the hot air can escape; thus, making your home feel cold. 

How do you fix this?

You may use tape to cover the holes around the doors and windows. 

Change your light bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs are not a thing anymore because of its large energy consumption. That’s why replacing your bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs such as LED bulbs can help you save more money on your electric bills.

Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat like the iZone can help keep your home warm during winter without blasting your energy usage. Use this to easily set a program depending on your heating and cooling needs.

For example, if you’re leaving for work, you can program it to lower the temperature since you’re out of the house. Then it can automatically adjust the temperature once you’re at home.

This way, you don’t need to bother switching the settings of your Air conditioning unit whenever you go out or in your home. Just make sure that your smart thermostat is programmed to your daily routines. In time, it’ll be able to cope-up with your daily needs and adjust automatically.

Winter can be an enjoyable time just like any other season. Keep your sanity and money intact by following these practical ways at home. 

Follow these ways and tell us how’d it goes. You can also contact us about the Izone Smart Home products to see how this can lower your winter bills.

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