6 Ways to Make your Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Last Longer

6 Ways to Make your Ducted Air

Conditioning Unit Last Longer

We’re all aware that appliances like air conditioning units have a limited life span. Sadly, the cost of a ducted air conditioning unit, which includes installation, is not cheap. Thus, we have listed several ways you can make your ducted air conditioning last longer.

6 Ways to Make your Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Last Longer


Air filters are one of the most important parts of your Ducted Air Conditioning units. It acts as a protection against small particles that can affect the health and performance of your r Conditioning. Thus, it is important to replace it as needed.

How often should you replace yours?

It may vary depending on how often you use yours, but it is highly recommended to replace this every 18 – 24 months. A licenced technician can let you know more accurately when to replace your air filters. 


There’s no magic in helping your ducted Air Conditioning unit last longer, instead, what you need is to always keep it clean.

Dust and dirt can accumulate in and out of your unit, thus making it work double-time to keep you comfortable. So to help your Air Conditioning unit, see to it that it is always clean from dust and dirt to avoid build-up.

It’s also best advised to follow the manufacturer’s guide on how to properly clean the unit. They recommend which materials and chemicals you can use in cleaning Air Conditioning units, thus, you can avoid harmful chemicals which can shorten your Air Conditioning unit’s lifespan.


Clutter around the vents of your Air Conditioning can affect its airflow. The return inlets and vents should be free from obstructions such as furniture or house plants (if you have one). Remove any that acts as an obstruction. 


You can help your Ducted Air Conditioning unit’s lifespan longer by keeping it always cool and protected from direct sunlight and other appliances.

Your indoor and outdoor units should be located in a secured area. The outdoor unit should avoid direct sunlight while the inside unit must be placed in a safe distance from other heat-producing appliances, that can affect the work efficiency of your Air Conditioning.


If you need to constantly keep your Air Conditioning unit clean and free from obstruction, then a regular inspection of your air ducts condition is a must.

The ducts of your Ducted Air Conditioning units are responsible for pushing the cool air from the unit to your home. However, if these ducts are blocked, loosed, or with gaps, it’ll have to work harder to keep you cool. If not fixed, then it will eventually lead to a breakdown.


Last but can’t be the least in this list is conducting regular professional maintenance on your Ducted AC unit, thus, it is the most effective way to help your unit last longer than expected.

This must be performed by a licensed technician to ensure that your Air Conditioning unit is handled professionally. A licensed technician shall be able to distinguish a possible problem at the earliest sign, thus, perform preventive measure.