How to reduce the running costs on your air conditioning this summer

How to reduce the running costs on your air conditioning this summer

How to reduce the running costs on your air conditioning this summer

In Queensland, the average reverse cycle air conditioner uses around 27 cents per kWh. This is according to the research institute Canstar Blue. Although not a huge amount, this can still add up to your monthly energy bill.

How much are we talking about? That is roughly a $200 increase to your bill when using a split system for cooling when used for about 4 hours a day throughout the hot season. This cost would further increase if you are using a ducted air conditioning system.

How to reduce the running costs on your air conditioning this summer

So how can you lower these air conditioning costs while staying cool during the summer season? Here are some tips.


In Australia and New Zealand, the energy star rating system is a label required on different appliances for household use such as air conditioners. This will help consumers compare the energy efficiency of different systems and check how much power a certain model needs to run on.


Taking advantage of breezes and air conditioning at the same time can actually decrease your air conditioner’s effectiveness and can increase your power bill too!

How do you avoid this?

Try closing your house’s doors and curtains. You should also turn off any unused lights to help reduce heat absorption. Doing both of these will make it easier for the system to operate, especially during long summers.


Setting your system at the most productive temperature and maintaining it all day long, is one of the easiest ways to reduce your air conditioner’s power bill. In this way, your unit isn’t working too much and isn’t increasing your energy consumption.

What is the ideal temperature to set your AC unit?

To be comfortable during summer without compromising, set your air conditioner to 24°C.


Consider other alternatives.

This includes the use of fans, from ceiling and pedestal fans, to tower and desk fans, depending on which one will work for you the best.

You might also want to consider evaporative coolers. The choice is yours.


Ensuring your unit is serviced regularly helps it run better. This in turn helps reduce your energy bill. So it is important for you to ensure your air conditioner’s filter, vents and the exterior component is cleaned regularly.

Choose a licensed AC technician who can properly maintain your unit. This person should perform the following tasks:

  • Replacing filters
  • Flushing any drains
  • Cleaning the ductwork
  • Checking the refrigerant
  • Measuring the airflow
  • Checking the motor’s efficiency

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Installing multiple wireless thermostats can increase control and comfort during the summer season. This also significantly lowers your running costs by delivering the perfect temperature you need.

Multiple wireless thermostats can be operated via a mobile phone or tablet. This means the power to fully control your aircon unit whether you are at home or away.

You can turn on your air conditioning system at home while working in the office in order to come home with the right temperature or turn off your AC system if you happen to leave it on by mistake.

Do you have other ideas to share?

You can remain comfortable during the summer season even without the need to spend too much on your energy bill. Practice these tips and observe how it can help you remain cool inside your home. Should you have other tips you wish to share with us. Just post it in the comment box below.