Improve Your Work From Home Experience with Better Data Point Installation

Improve Your Work From Home Experience with Better Data Point Installation

Improve Your Work From Home Experience with Better Data Point Installation

Working from home is a very tempting setup until you are faced with an unreliable internet connection and other connectivity issues. Some of the problems you may have encountered include one or more of the following:

  • The wifi connection is only strong in certain spots in your house
  • Your internet speed slows down when more members of the family connection to the home’s wifi router.
  • You are getting bothered by noise interferences during virtual meetings.
  • You often get distracted by your kids or pets.

All of these problems can affect your productivity. This is not to mention the possibility you may have concerns from your employer due to these persisting issues. However, these can easily be solved by installing data points throughout your house.

What are the data points?

Although upgrading to a higher bandwidth can somehow provide better internet speed, it is not the most affordable option. In reality, you wouldn’t wish to pay for higher bandwidth since your salary doesn’t cover such. That’s where data points enter,  outlets set inside your house for better connectivity.

Improve Your Work From Home Experience with Better Data Point Installation

Although it is true that most of our gadgets can be connected wirelessly, the wireless connection isn’t built for a strong connection when compared to wired connections. The fact remains that wired connections still provide better and stronger connection than wifi routers. Thus, installing data points in your house can surely make your connection reliable.

How can you benefit from data points installation?

To help improve your work from home experience, we listed some of the benefits you’ll get from installing additional data points to your house.

Better Internet Speed

Are you aware that a rich amount of internet bandwidth is being wasted over a wireless connection? So, you aren’t getting the best of what you are paying for in using a wifi connection. Moreover, the wifi connection is not very suitable for a work from home arrangement. This is the reason why one of the things you can easily notice upon shifting to a wired connection is that your internet speed will greatly improve.

So is it about time you shift with a more reliable, less expensive internet connection? Let’s talk.

You can set up a dedicated working space

The strength of a wireless connection relies on its nearness to the main source. This makes it unstable and hard to set-up since you always need to look for a good spot where you can work on. With installed data points, you are always sure that your working space will always have a reliable source of internet. So, you can finally work on your dream home office room or corner without minding connection problems.

Data points can turn your home into a smart home

Smart homes are energy-efficient, they have better security and they provide more comfort to the homeowner. But do you know that one of the best ways to have a smart home is to install data points around the house?

Data points enable you to install CCTV cameras in different parts of the house. You can further connect them all to a monitor in your working area. This way, you can watch over your kids while working without getting annoyed that you’ve lost your connectivity.

So, would you like some more information about installing data points in your house? Contact Surespark today!