Duct or Split Chermside Air Conditioning System

There are two major types of air conditioning system you can choose from for your Chermside business, office or home. These are the ducted and the split system air conditioners.

Both can be used to cool rooms and offices. But how do you choose what is the best type of air conditioning system you should choose for your specific needs?

The Pros and Cons of A Ducted Air Conditioning System in Chermside

A ducted air conditioning system can easily be hidden behind your office's walls and ceilings. It can also easily service the entire house with various settings set to each room, so long that this has been zoned accordingly.

Compared to a split air conditioning system, this is also proven to be quieter and works more efficiently in maintaining the temperature of homes.

However, this becomes very costly compared to a split system air conditioning unit because even if you are using a single room, you'll be paying the energy cost of cooling the entire house, unless you have your air conditioning system zoned. Moreover, not all homes are equipped to have this system installed into their homes.

Thus, this becomes a great option for buildings and offices that need to be cooled constantly.

The Pros and Cons of a Split System Air Conditioning System

This more flexible in comparison to a ducted air conditioning system. It can easily be installed in selected rooms which makes it cheaper to install. However, its external condenser units cannot be hidden. Its cooling power is also limited as it can only push air so far. This makes it more difficult for it to cool larger rooms and spaces, especially those with interior walls.

Given these features, it is more effectively used inside smaller homes and single office rooms.


For those looking to cool a huge building with many rooms, often needed by commercial owners, a ducted air conditioning system for your office and business space in Chermside will be very ideal.

However, for residential units in Chermside, choosing a split system air conditioner may be the better option to keep your homes cool this summer season.

Do you need help installing a split system or duct air conditioning system for your home or office in Chermside? We are happy to help. Complete our online form for us to know more details about your concern.



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