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Installation, repairs, service, and cleaning of Air Conditioning Redcliffe, Chermside & Aspley.

Sure Spark can make sure that you and your family stay perfectly comfortable this summer and winter.

From a single room to complete home climate control we can help you through our air conditioning Redcliffe, Aspley and Chermside services.

We offer:

  • Sale of Split & Ducted Systems
  • Complete Installation
  • Full service & Clean
  • Replacement of Faulty Parts
  • Additional Zones
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How Air Conditioning Redcliffe, Aspley and Chermside Helps


The Brisbane climate provides a great lifestyle for much of the year without the assistance of electrical appliances, but when the temperature soars then being able to quickly adjust your home and work environments to provide a comfortable space while being as energy efficient as possible is very important.

Our extensive Air Conditioning Redcliffe, Aspley and Chermside experience allows us to provide you with:


  • Advice on how well your current air conditioning systems are working
  • Maintain and service these air conditioning units
  • Help with new installation of your airconditioning systems


Why Choose Air Conditioning Redcliffe, Aspley and Chermside?


We pride ourselves on staying current with all the latest products and options so our recommendations offer you the best options. This includes:


  • Expert installations of your airconditioning systems
  • Full warranties of your air conditioning units
  • Latest air conditioning features and technology
  • Satisfaction guaranteed process from start to finish

So what are you waiting for? Don't let the heat of the summer season spoil the fun and happiness of your family.

Enjoy moments together inside your homes. Work better with your staff as you enjoy a well-maintained temperature inside your office.

Call us so we can check, install or maintain your air conditioning Redcliffe, Aspley and Chermside units, today.

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