4 Reasons Why Your Ducting Air Conditioner is Sweating


Does your Ducted Air Conditioner look like it has gone to the gym because of its sweats?


Were you wondering where all that comes from?


Are you asking if that’s good or bad for your Air Conditioning unit?


Well, this article will help you understand the reasons why your Ducted Air Conditioner is sweating and what you can do about it.


4 Reasons Why Your Ducting Air Conditioner is Sweating



Why do I see sweats on my Ducted Air Conditioner?


Condensation is the sweat you see from your Ducted Air Conditioner. Often, you can see it in forms of droplets on the outside part of the ducts and its vent openings. 


This is a common problem, which if not fixed immediately can result in serious problems to your home or office. To successfully stop your Ducted Air Conditioner from sweating, you need to find out the causes. It may take a while before you find this out, but an experienced air conditioning system technician can easily do this for you. Send us a message for us to check this for you. 



4 Reasons Why Your Ducted Air Conditioner is Sweating



Restricted airflow


Restricted airflow due to choked filters can cause sweating to your Ducted Air Conditioners. This is caused when your Air Conditioning unit’s filter is choked with dirt.




This is because the airflow within your ducts is not properly flushed out, thus, the humidity build-up that causes the sweat.


To fix this, you need to clean your Air Conditioning filters. It is advised that you carry this out at least every three months for residential uses. To make sure that your Air Conditioning filters are properly cleaned, it will be better to ask a licensed technician to do it.


Contrast temperature outside and inside the Air Conditioning unit


This is a typical scenario with Air Conditioning units placed in crawl spaces where there’s not enough ventilation. The difference in temperature between the outside and inside of your Air Conditioning unit creates condensation, which can also cause sweating on its ducts. The cold ducts that are surrounded by the hot moist air become condensed. This produces water droplets as it cools down.


As a solution to this, provide your Air Conditioning unit with proper ventilation by keeping its area clutter-free, so there will be space for the air to go around. You can also insulate around the ducting and connection points and your roof to avoid too much hot air circulating your Air Conditioning. Let us check this for you. Call us on 0412 431 101.


Blocked drain pipe


Often if the drainpipe is blocked, it can fill up and overflow into your ceiling space. The water and condensation has nowhere to go except into your roof space.


If this is the cause of the sweating of your Ducted Air Conditioners, have it inspected by a licensed technician to apply the proper remedy.


Improper duct insulation 


Improper duct insulation is also one of the reasons why your Ducted Air Conditioners are sweating. 




Because condensation is formed in the metal whenever it is touched by hot air. That’s why you need to make sure that your ducts are properly insulated to keep the hot air from touching the metal surface.




Avoid the sweating of your Ducted Air Conditioners. Ensure that your units are regularly cleaned and maintained. Schedule an appointment with us so we can do all of these for you. Send us a message, today. 

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